Address: Ellenby Hotel, 95-97 Queens Parade, Scarborough. YO12 7HY

Hotel Policies


There are 7 steps on the approach to the enterance to The Ellenby leading to the ground floor which comprises a large lounge area, public conveniences dining/bar area and front and rear entrances and exits to the building. The remainder of the rooms are over a further 3 floors. Due to the architecture of the building there is no elevator. All accessibility is explained fully to guests before a booking is confirmed. We are committed to maintaining and where practicable, improving the accessibility for people with disabilities on our premises.

All managers and staff will be given appropriate training to ensure they understand the needs and limitations of people with disabilities so that effective communications can be established.



We are also committed to recycling at the Ellenby. If you leave waste paper, glass cans and plastic bottles we will collect and recycle, but only if you leave these items clean and in a separate refuse bag.